Isabel Mitchell

The following text comes from the book 'Handmade in Britain' by Piyush Suri which featured Isabel.

Since childhood, Isabel had her heart seton an art career but following careers advicefrom her school that “only dead artists make money” she took the science route and became a microbiologist.
Even during her 25-year science career, she somehow continued with art as a hobby and attended clay workshops regularly.

Five years ago, on receiving the gift of a week-long training course on glass making, she immediately fell in love with the material from the very first introduction and has continued to work in both clay and glass.

Her inspiration derives primarily from both her love for Italian classical sculptures and for the Abstract Expressionist artists who used colours so confidently. Her work focuses on the human form; the strong lines of the male form and the contours of the female form.

Her latest work on cast heads, influenced by the great Swedish glass artist Bertil Vallien, uses clay sculpted moulds or traditional ‘lostwax’ casting techniques to achieve depth and clarity. The result is an almost holographic image, ever changing depending on the colours used and the lighting.

Continuing her journey into glass casting, Isabel’s work is all about trying new things which comes from her understanding of the science behind the technique and equipment.