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David J Porter

David J Porter was born and educated in Cheshire. He is a self taught painter, and his main concentration is contemporary landscape, achieving a semi abstract / part representational composition.

Most of his subject matter is inspired by the Cheshire and Derbyshire countryside. His perception of colour and tone gives his work a calm, quiet quality.

A great walker, David likes to make small sketches, often in colour, while he is observing the landscape. It is when he returns to his studio that the creative element is added to his work. Drawing on his experience of the landscape he has seen, he begins to compose his painting. He abstracts the unnecessary from the picture and moves shapes and colours around to create a pleasing balance. This style of working results in the semi abstract landscapes that are his forte.

He has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in the northwest as well as Laing’s Open Exhibition and Affordable Art Fairs in Battersea, Chelsea and Edinburgh